Yokohama Brass Meister is actively recruiting new members!

We are an amateur wind ensemble that strives to perform with a beautiful sound and expression that is similar to a professional setting.

Come and join us as we take our performances to a higher level.

*Two foreigners are joining as regular members. (As of May 2019)

See below for conditions.(Video used language is Japanese.)


◎ You must be able to speak and understand Japanese at a daily conversational level or better.

◎ You should not take behaviour that our group members feel uncomfortable.

◎ You must have at least two years of continuous experience with your instrument. (If you have had any breaks from playing, they should be relatively short.)

◎ You must own or rent your own instrument. (This excludes percussion instruments.)

◎ You must understand the ensemble's goals, attend practice weekly, and assist in group and concert preparations as needed.

For those 18 and under

  • High school students are allowed to join with written parental permission.

  • Junior high school students are allowed to join with written parental permission. Parents are also responsible for picking up and dropping off students at practice.


The above number are estimates, so please don't hesitate to enquire.

We are not recruiting any parts not listed. Please check the list occasionally as it may change.


Please check the SCHEDULE page for the practice locations.

Practice is on Sunday evenings within Yokohama city limits.

All practice locations are accessible by public transportation.


◎ The membership fee is 3000 yen per person per month.

◎ There is also an entry fee of 5000 yen, as well as per-person fees for the regular concert.

*Fees for junior high and high school students are the responsibility of the parent. We do not have student discounts.


Please fill out the form on the CONTACT! page with all the necessary information.

  • We will reply to you with a list of days in which you may visit us for a trial practice.

  • You may have up to four trial practices with us before you decide whether or not to join us.

  • Auditions are not required, though the musical director may inquire about your musical history. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.