Yokohama Brass Meister is a community wind ensemble focused on the wind ensemble genre.

Under the guidance of trombonist and musical director Nobuyasu Itagaki, the group was founded in March 2001 by a coalition of amateur players and young professional musicians.

Both groups work hard together and are always striving to be like a meister, or craftsman, of their music.

The result of Itagaki's philosphy of adhering to a beautiful sound and expression, as well as the support of professional musicians, is an accumulation of pleasant tension and a feeling of improvement.

At our performances, we request support from professional musicians in order to realize a higher degree of perfection, which is well received by our audiences.

Our group's main musical focus is on old and new original compositions for wind ensemble. Our concerts usually include these songs, as well as film and light music arragements, so that all types of people can listen to and enjoy our music.

We strive to showcase the uniqueness of the wind ensemble at every concert we perform.

* We coined the term "Brass Meister" to simply express our group's policy.